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Animal Kingdom is dedicated to educating the global community about the value of the animal kingdom and the various species found around the world. The more we understand the role each species plays in the animal kingdom, the more likely we will invest to protect the habitats they call home.

We invite you to discover, explore, and learn more about the different species. Explore those you already appreciate and discover those you do not know much about. Collectively, you will learn about the value of each species.

Conservation and protection is a natural response to the education we experience while learning about the world’s wildlife. It must be a global effort promoting and a global effort protecting the world’s wildlife and the habitats where they live. The survival of the animal kingdom is in our hands.

Mission & Vision

To educate the global community about the value and need to protect the animal kingdom species found around the world.

We envision a world that values each and every species and collectively works together to protect their survival.

Animal Kingdom globally promotes and globally protects the animal kingdom species around the world. Will you join us?

About Founder


Dr. Phillip Imler has always been passionate about nature and wildlife. Even at his earliest days when he was playing with Matchbox cars, Lincoln Logs, and blocks, he was building zoos and safaris parks. He has visited over 70 countries across six continents creating opportunities to experience many “once-in-a-lifetime” wildlife sightings.

He has an affinity for the wilds of nature “I want to see each species in its natural habitat. I want to see them enjoying their homes and roaming about their domains.”

Dr. Phillip Imler
President & Founder

Collaboration & Partnerships

If you are committed to education, or to the protecting or supporting the diverse wildlife of the world, we invite you to reach out.

Please share your proposals or suggestions with how you might come alongside and collaborate with Animal Kingdom.

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Species Education & Support

If you are an expert connected to particular species and you would like to contribute to the education available on the Animal Kingdom site, we invite you to reach out and help us inform the world.

Whether it is adding information about a missing species, updating existing content, or contributing images that help the global community better understand the value of each species, we invite you to reach out through the Contact Us page.

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Updates, Inquiries, and Proposals

Animal Kingdom recognizes the value of the global community working together to educate and protect the world’s diversity of wildlife. Please do not hesitate from reaching out and letting us know how you might come alongside. We also entertain blog education that is connected to the animal kingdom. If you have a content contribution suggestion, please reach out to us through the Contact Us page.

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